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The strategy is very simple. So simple a 7th grader can do it!!! All you need do is follow our very easy steps.

First, Hit the buy button and we will be notified within 24 hours. We use PayPal for your protection. We don't need any of your confidential personal information.

We then send you (via email - within 48 hours) the simple steps to follow.
Once we are notified we give you access to our private Facebook Group. This is a secret link that only members can use. In the "File" section is program you have access to.
Read it, download it, copy it, etc. Follow the simple steps.

Please remember we are not greedy professionals looking to take your money.
We are not paid. We are donating our time Pro Bono (free).
W are simply helping Americans realize the dream for a better life.
We won't get into politics, it's just the right thing to do. Americans have always helped each other and we are going back in time when America was a better place.

As a result of using our strategy your credit score will increase!!!

How do we do this? There are two federal laws that the credit companies and the credit bureaus are required to follow.

As you start step1, those federal laws back you and protect you.

As a result bad items on your credit report will get deleted and your credit score will rise!!!

What will also rise is the amount of credit available to you!!!